Day 3 - Science Museum!

The predicted foot of snow did not quite materialized yet Boston Public Schools had cancelled last night - all the better for us!  The museum opened an hour late so everyone had a little more sleep time, and the travel in town went smoothly once again. The museum was all we expected and more.  We had the run of the place as our kids were able to enjoy each of the themed areas with no lines, waiting, or fees: The Human Body, Electricity, Physics and Motion, and the ever popular Butterfly Exhibit were enjoyed by all.  The Omni-Theater film (The South Pacific) was a fun respite, and we finished the afternoon with a stroll through Boston Common past the Statehouse. The kids chose to return to Quincy Market for dinner and we hopped on the T for the ride back to Riverside. (They are getting to be pros on the subway for sure!)  The evening included a nice time reflecting on the trip so far through silent personal writing, followed by a rousing game of "Fictionary" with everyone involved.  Big finish tomorrow so lots of sleep tonight!

Museum of Science Boston
Jacob on Stage

Owl Eye Butterfly

Oliver on the musical stairs

Heather observes a butterfly

The museum center

Boston Common

Quincy Market dome reflection on Eliza and Ana

Sharing thoughts about the day

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