Day 1 - We made it!

OK, so two mountain ranges and two snowstorms later - here we are!  We made it across Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts with one pitstop and came directly into Alewife Station without a hitch (albeit two hours late due to snow).  Our first exposure to the "T" went just fine and we arrived at Harvard station in good form.  Racing up the steps to Harvard Yard we met up with representatives from our sister school in China (bet you didn't know we were doing that!) in front of John Harvard's statue.  It was a fun visit that only happened because the teachers were visiting Boston today.  After touring around Harvard and imagining the literally miles of tunnels underground between the libraries and through the stacks, we sauntered over to the Harvard Coop for hot chocolate and some time browsing books.  Later we retraced our steps back out the red line and drove over to Rebecca Coll's house in Needham.  It was a memorable first visit to Boston but only the first of many to come!

Emma and Hot Chocolate at the Harvard COOP

Sasha at Harvard Station
Haaavad Yaad
Class Briefing and Meeting in the Evening

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